Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144

Curriculum & Instruction Department

mrs. veazey

Ms. J. Veazey, Assistant Superintendent

Welcome back to the 2016-2017 School Year!

“In Continual Pursuit of Excellence……“Going for the Gold!”

We have been given another year to tackle our obstacles and challenges with rigor and a commitment to continued growth and success. Prairie-Hills School District 144 continues to be committed to ensuring that our students learn, grow and excel in an enriching, rigorous environment. Perfect practice prepares our students for perfect performance!

We have all the tools necessary to meet our goals.  We have great teachers, students, parents, administrators, Superintendent and Board of Education.  We have quality programs and educational resources, all focused on improving student achievement, and academic success.    We will continue this school year focusing on the mathematical pedagogy and instructional practices that are paramount in the newly adopted math series Math in Focus, (K-5) and Big Ideas Math Middle School and High School Series, (6-8).

We are pleased to introduce the new addition to the Curriculum & Instruction Department, Ms. Codjhia Shelton, District Math Coordinator.  In her new role, Ms. Shelton will provide math coaching and training to classroom teachers, as well as direct math instruction for student intervention.  We are excited for the possibilities!                                   

We are extending our focus to promote and implement STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) during the instructional day with the use of Defined Learning; Defined STEM.  Students will engage in grade level project based activities quarterly, demonstrating their ability to communicate, collaborate, and think critically and creatively.  We are infusing technology into the curriculum, by adding new laptops, Apple Mac books, i-Pad carts and flat panel televisions throughout the district.  All Pre-K-5 classrooms will have four i-Pads to use with their students in their classrooms. We will continue reading and writing development at every grade level.   

This year we will expand our use of Curriculum Associates, i-Ready Diagnostics, Standards Mastery, Toolbox, and K-Corner, all resources designed to improve and increase student achievement. We will continue our after school programs that will include mandatory tutorials, and homework assistance at each school. 

I believe, that this is our year!  Our focus remains fixated on student growth, student achievement, student accountability, student success…. student learning.    

Thank you for your continued support and trust.  We are moving, and will continue to move in the right direction. The staff, administrators and Board of Education of Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144 invite our parents and community to join us in our Continual Pursuit of Excellence…..Going for the GOLD!


Mrs. Julia A. Veazey, Assistant Superintendent