•  Curriculum, Instruction and Technology


    Mrs. Julia A. Veazey, Assistant Superintendent 


    The Curriculum and Instruction Department is committed to producing lifelong learners that are college bound, career ready and able to compete in a global society academically, and technologically by ensuring that our schools and classrooms are places where enriching, rigorous, and holistic learning experiences occur, while maintaining high expectations for our students, staff, parents and community members.

    The Curriculum & Instruction Department encourages and embraces creativity, diversity, and individuality in instructional practices and learning.  We continue to be committed to ensuring that our students are challenged to learn, grow and excel in a rigorous and challenging environment where they can compete and dominate in the larger global community.

    We understand the challenges that face the 21st Century learner. A focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication, problem solving, and technological literacy is essential to prepare students for the future. As a District we recognize and embrace the challenges of today, and are committed to preparing our students for their tomorrow.

    Curricular Belief Statements:

    We believe that our students rise to high expectations.   

    A safe, healthy school environment.

    A curriculum aligned to state, national and global standards.

    We believe that meaningful data and assessment, guides outstanding instruction.

    A caring staff, supportive parents and a committed community.   

    We believe in the application of knowledge, rather than the regurgitation of meaningless rhetoric.

    Our blueprint to excellence is fixated on student growth, student enrichment, and student achievement.

    ”Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough”  - Og Mandino

    Mrs. Julia A. Veazey

    Assistant Superintendent

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