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    Ms. S. Coleman

    Director of Business Affairs/CSBO


    Office of Business Affairs

    It is with great excitement that the Business Department welcomes you back for the 2021-2022 school year!  We are committed to supporting student achievement through efficient financial planning and resource allocation. The Business Department is pleased to continue the process of support for the safety and educational needs of all students.

    Mission Statement:

    To support the Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144’s mission and vision through efficient financial planning and resources allocation. It is the mission of the Business Department to be proactive in the planning, strategizing and implementation of financial directives in the pursuit of educational excellence through good business practices and procedures.


    We are committed to high levels of fiscal responsibility and transparency. We seek to lead with fiscal initiatives for the vision of the Prairie-Hills Elementary School District, its Board of Education and all stakeholders.


    To provide administrative, technical and logistical support for the purpose of facilitating and enhancing instruction.

    We aim to enhance the organizational performance by providing relevant training to staff members in order that they are able to perform at the highest level.

    • We will remain excellent guardians of tax payer’s money.
    • We will provide open and honest communications which will inform and foster the trust of all stakeholders.
    • We will design, implement and oversee all budgetary needs for our School District
    • To comply with all state-mandated protocols and procedures

    Student Achievement

    Enhance the delivery of instruction to students by reducing the time it takes to process, supply, and service requests accurately, timely, and efficiently

    Organizational Leadership/Management

    • Inventory and assess each staff member's individual skill sets (i.e. word processing, electronic presentation, and spreadsheet creation, with the aim of enhancing the quality of service delivery to all stakeholders.
    • Continue to refresh and refine the District’s general ledger accounting system, in order to better align with that recommended by the Illinois State Board of Education Illinois Program Accounting Manual.
    • Maintaining accurate inventory counts and verifying on-hand balances that agree with financial and logistical records.

     Customer Service

    To be respectful to customers

    To respond in a timely manner to all customer requests.

     School/Community Relations

     Effectively respond to our stakeholders' concerns with prompt and accurate information.

    Develop a collegial relationship with internal and external stakeholders with the aim of improving our relationship with them.


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