Welcome to the Parent Math Corner!

  • At the parent math corner you will find easy to use resources to assist your child with math skills covered throughout the school year.

    Why does the math look so different from when I was in school?   The short answer is that students are now presented with activities that challenge them to problem solve, think critically, and relate their learning to real world.  For example, 2 apples + 2 apples still equal 4 apples and learning multiplication facts are still important.  However, today students might be asked to do the following,

    • Figure out how many apples are needed for a classroom party.
    • Determine the cost to buy those apples.
    • Compare how much money they need to have in their class bank.

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    Helpful Resources to Help Students with Math Skills!

    Multiplication Strategies:

    Strategies to Teach Multiplication

    Understanding Percents and Equivalent Fractions

    Percents and Equivalent Fractions

    Fraction Parts

    All About Fraction Parts

    Comparing Fractions

    How to Compare Fraction Parts

    Fractions are Division

    Fractions are Division

    Easy to Use Math Resources for Additional Practice:

    The Math Learning Center-An interactive program for children to use to show their thinking using manipulatives.


    Math Development-PBS Kids-A website to help parents with understanding how to assit their child in math.