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    Welcome to a New Year of S.Y.K.E.S. Enrichment Club
     The S.Y.K.E.S. Enrichment Club Program has officially begun in all of our buildings. Our students are very excited to engage in new experiences that will enhance their learning. We are striving to develop college and career minded students. 
    District 144 Mission Statement 
    The mission of Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144 is to ensure that we provide an enriching, rigorous and holistic learning experience promoting 21st Century lifelong learners; while maintaining high expectations for all students, staff, parents and community members.
    S.Y.K.E.S. Enrichment Club Mission Statement
    We accept that the S.Y.K.E.S child has exceptional talent, high achievement, and the potential to excel. These students are not only academically talented in the classroom but have other gifts as well. The S.Y.K.E.S program gives children not only the chance to learn something outside of the classroom, but also a chance to be in a relaxed and fun environment while still doing activities that help them learn. We also strive to help the community while helping students expand their knowledge.