• Kahoot vs. Quizziz

    Posted by Amy Hardwidge-Butcher on 2/22/2019 2:00:00 PM

    Are you trying to figure out which formative assessment tool to use in your classroom?

    Kahoot! and Quizizz are both great options for engaging your students.


    Kahoot offers teachers the option to create multiple choice question quizzes. The site also provides quizzes previously made by other teachers.  Students join the quiz by entering a class code on their device.  The teacher runs the quiz, pupils answer it and are scored on speed and accuracy. At the end of each question a leader board of the top 5 pupils appears on the screen. Another option for teachers is to create a poll. The poll is the same as the quiz, but rather than points being awarded the software simply tallies up responses to show the results in a poll. Another feature of Kahoot that not many teachers know about is the Jumble feature. Teachers can ask pupils to rank order their responses. This can be used in lots of ways, for example:

    • put letters in order
    • put historical events in chronological order
    • arrange words to make a sentence

    Kahoot also has the option to ask students a blind question. A blind question asks about something students haven’t learned yet. Don’t expect them to get it right. This tricky question hooks students into the lesson and piques their curiosity! If you need more information a Kahoot handout is available. 


    Quizizz takes the excitement of a gameshow-style review game and puts the whole experience in the students’ hands. With a traditional Kahoot! game, everyone sees the question and possible answers on the projector and answer simultaneously. Quizizz is different because the questions and possible answers are displayed individually on student devices. This prevents students from being able to cheat off of each other because teachers can randomize questions and answer choices.  Quizizz is also self paced so no one gets upset because their device didn’t load the game fast enough to compete. Like with Kahoot teachers can create their own quizzes or select previously created quizzes, but unlike Kahoot teachers can borrow individual questions form previously created quizzes to create their own new quiz. If you need more information a Quizziz handout is available. 



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  • Class Craft vs. Dojo

    Posted by Amy Hardwidge-Butcher on 1/15/2019 3:00:00 PM

    Do you need help with classroom management?

    There are two great resources to help you. Class Dojo is a behaviour management tool for the classroom. Each student has a profile complete with their own avatar that they can customize.  The teacher can assign positive and negative points through out the lesson. Students can then use their points to earn rewards.  Class Dojo includes a feature that allows the teacher to send text messages to parents. Great for elementary and younger students. 


    ClassCraft is a great option for your older students.  Create your classes, add your students, and group them into teams for quests.  Think Fortnite but you control their helath and experieince points.  As students behave in the class they earn experience points that they will need to be able to level up and complete various quests.  When they don't follow the rules they lose health points which limits their ability participate in the game.  Teachers can then send their whole class on various different quests and how well they do in the game depends on how they behaved in your class. 



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  • Google Classroom

    Posted by Amy Hardwidge-Butcher on 12/7/2018 2:00:00 PM

    Do you need help getting started with Google Classroom?

    Integrating Google Classroom can streamline your lessons and productivity all while aiding you in not having to take a pleathora of papers home everyday.  Turn your classroom into an interactive e-learning envinroment with Google Classroom and Google Apps Suite. To get started view our guide. 

    Google Training Handout

    Converting PDF to Google Doc





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