In-Depth Program Review / English Language Arts 


    Welcome to Ms. Henderson's ELA class! I am excited to join you and your child on the journey to learning English and Language Arts. I have enjoyed imparting knowledge and understanding of the world of ELA. Throughout the year we will be focusing on reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, story elements, and analyzing the craft and structure of text to enhance your student's ELA skills. I look forward to working with you as a partner in your student's learning.

    Contact Information:

    Ms. Henderson 7th grade ELA Teacher

    Classroom: A203

    Email: vhenderson@phsd144.net

    Phone number: (708) 210-2860

    Extention: 2432

    Ms. Henderson's Office Hours:

    Monday -Friday      1:00 p.m.- 2:20 p.m.

                                   2:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

    Class Materials:

    My Perspective textbook

    Ready Workbook








    Supplies List:

    Composition book


    Two pocket folders (2)

    Highlighter- blue, yellow, green and purple


    Ink pens

    Grading Scale:

    A      92-100

    B      91-83

    C      82-74

    D      73-65

    F       64 and below

    Classroom Procedures and Expectations:

    The students are expected to arrive to class on time.

    The students are expected to have the needed materials daily for class.

    The students should remain focused and on task during instructions.

    The students will participate in the class discussion.

    Classroom Consequence Chart:

    1st Warning - Receive a verbal warning

    2nd Warning - Lose points in Dean's List

    3rd Warning- Lunch Detention

    4th Warning- Phone call home to parent/guardian

    5th Warning -  Write up and dismissal from classroom

    * Some steps may be skipped due to extreme disruptive behavior.*