Prairie Hills Junior High School

    Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144

    The Pursuit of Excellence Continues…..

    Ms. Deshonda Daniels-Wright, Principal

    Dr. Wade F. Morris, Assistant Principal 

    Ms. Marian Dowling, Assistant Principal 

    Mr. Willie Butler, Assistant Principal

                   Prairie Hills Junior High School, 16315 Richmond Avenue, Markham, Illinois 60428 * (708) 210-2860   


    August 2, 2023

    Dear Prairie Hills Jr. High School Families: 

    As a new principal at Prairie-Hills Junior High, I plan to move forward with optimism and an appreciation for the greatness already firmly established in this district.  I look forward to us reaching new goals and seizing opportunities.


    From my twenty-one years of experience in education, and last two years as an administrator in this district, I don’t take what has been entrusted to me for granted. I invite you to work with me to ensure that we execute the vision and mission of School District 144.


    I am committed to ensuring that Prairie-Hills Junior High School is a premier school of high expectations and excellence! I promise to continue to develop partnerships with students, staff, parents, and the community. I endeavor to remove any barriers and create bridges to ensure student success.

    Thank you in advance for your support and the opportunity to serve! We are the Mighty Mustangs!


    Deshonda Daniels-Wright