• RtI at Prairie-HillsJunior High School

    RtI(Response to Intervention) is a program put in place to help ensure thatstudents are being given quality instruction based on individual student needsand levels. There are three tiers in theRtI program.
    Tier 1 includes the generalpopulation in the regular education classroom. Classroom teachers use researched “best practices” to provideinstruction to students using differentiation to match instruction to studentneeds and levels. Assessments are used tocontinuously monitor student progress. Studentsat Prairie-Hills Junior High are assessed on MAP, Aimsweb, and I-Ready. Students who are identified as making inadequateprogress are placed in Tier 2.
    Students in Tier 2 meet in small groups with an RtI Interventionist 3x a week to receiveextra support in their area of difficulty. Students who continue to not make adequate growth are placed in Tier3. Students in Tier 3 meet in smallergroups (3 Students) 5x a week receiving intense personal instruction. The RtI team meets regularly to monitor and collaborate on the needs of the students.