• Canteen Rules


    ID’s are required to enter the building.


    When students arrive, they must stay inside until the Canteen is over or until their ride arrives. There will be no supervision in the parking lot prior to the end of the Canteen.

          No fighting, swearing or roaming of hallways is allowed.


      Students should have rides planned prior to the Canteen dismissal. Students       should plan to begin leaving at 6:50 pm. All students must be picked up by  7:00 pm or lose further privileges to Canteen.


    Concession items will not be allowed outside of the Cafetorium or designated eating area. Concession stand closes at 6:15 p.m.


    Students are expected to comply with rules of Canteen and PHJH. Students who do not follow the rules will not be allowed at any other Canteens (Parents will be notified).