• Whatis Prairie-Hills Junior High Student Council

    Thestudent council members of Prairie- Hills Junior High represent what thestudent body looks like; it is a privilege to belong to this organization. Ourmembers will lead by example, help fellow classmates, are respectful, responsible,academically sound and be socially aware, aswe strive to make our school a better place!


    OurMission Statement

    The Mission Statement ofthe Prairie-Hills Junior High Student Council is to inspire and empower allstudents to make positive changes in their lives both personally and socially. We will do this by encouraging others to take risks through participatingin leadership, and realizing each individual possesses a gift to share. Welcomingdifferences and diversity, we will show that each of us plays a small part inthe big picture, as we learn, grow and strive to leave a legacy of inspiration!


    Our Council Members

    The Prairie-Hills Junior Highstudent council board consists of;




    And a Parliamentarian