• Welcome Class of 2017-2018!
    I know we are going to have a wonderful year.
    Mrs. Tintari’s Classroom 


    1. Be respectful to adults, your peers, and yourself.


    2. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

    3. Be on time.

    4. Stay on task.

    5. Sit down silently and get to work.

    6. Keep your body to yourself.

    7. Only use language appropriate for school.

    8. Silently listen to all directions.

    9. Only do Social Studies work in this classroom. All other work will be taken away and NOT returned.

    10. Come to class prepared to work.





    Classroom Rituals and Routines
    1. Students line up in the hallway silently and wait to enter the class until told.

    2. Students sit down quietly in rows or tables as directed and immediately follow the directions on the board.

    3. Students sit sitting up and with their feet under the desk. I walk around. I do not want to trip or hurt anyone’s leg or foot.

    4. Students work on their desk, not in their laps.

    5. When we are using the computers, students remain on the website or program directed. Students who wonder online, or are not on the correct program, will lose computer privileges.

    6. When we are using the computers, students carry the laptop closed and safely with two hands.

    7. Students are dismissed when directed by the teacher, not the bell or announcements.

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