• Mrs. de Groh's


     Materials: Bring your INB (notebook), pencils, planner, etc. to Class Every Day.

     Attitude: have a Positive Attitude and be Respectful of Others and Property.

     Timeliness: be in Class on Time and Ready to Learn. Complete Work on Time.

     Help: Ask for Help; time can be arranged before or after school.

            Positive  Consequences:                                                        Negative Consequences:

      1.     Treat                                                                             1st Infraction – Reminder of Expectations

      2.     Mustang Money                                                         2nd Infraction-  Warning

      3.     Positive Phone Call Home                                        3rd Infraction-  Detention with Parent Signature

      4.     Positive Letter Home                                                4th Infraction-  Call Home with a Detention
      5.     Recognition                                                                 5th Infraction-  Referral and Sent to Office
                                                                                            Severe Offense- Immediate Referral and/or
    Removal from Classroom