Dr. Kimako Patterson, Superintendent

    The Continual Pursuit of Excellence continues...

    Welcome Back to the

    2017-2018 School Year! 



    We begin every year with a commitment to seek excellence for our students and District. I am even more excited about the challenges we are determined to overcome this school year as we demand even more of ourselves, our students, our parents and our communities. 
    It is our collective goal to make certain that we remain united in our Vision and Mission to provide and produce the BEST education possible and the BEST and Brightest students capable of successfully competing and dominating in a global society!
    We are very excited that our students continue to show growth on the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) assessment in every grade level across the district. One of my primary goals as your Superintendent continues to be to make District 144 a formidable force within the Southland area! My staff and I are determined to focus on a more rigorous learning experience that strengthens and challenges ALL students to reach their maximum intellectual potential!
    This year we plan to showcase the varied talents of our students in our first ever Town Hall meeting highlighting the academic, social, emotional and behavioral talents of our students. Please look for more information on our website as we plan this fabulous event for December, 2017!
    The moral imperative continues to be that home and school work together collaboratively to ensure that our students are challenged to grow, learn and excel in a rigorous and challenging environment; whereby our students compete and dominate in the larger global society.
    My staff and I continue to be amazed at the tremendous strides we are making in Prairie-Hills District 144! We remained renewed, excited and tenacious about moving our District to the next level of EXCELLENCE. This is our continual quest! We cannot, nor would we want to succeed without your essential partnership, input, support, dedication and commitment!
    "If you are going to achieve Excellence in big things,
    You develop the habit in little matters.
    EXCELLENCE is not an exception,
    it is a prevailing attitude"
                                                                                                                     Colin Powell
                  Dr. Kimako Patterson, Superintendent