• Dear Staff:

    At Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144, we recognize employees as our most valuable asset.  In this regard, promoting the well-being of our staff is a top priority.  

    From time to time, we may find ourselves confronted with confusing and uncomfortable situations. These may be financial, marital difficulties, substance abuse, an aging parent, an overly rebellious teenager or an emotional problem.  The Employee Assistance Program is available to provide free short term counseling assistance or referral to provider resources for these types of situations. Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144 has contracted with the consulting services of Health Management Systems of America (HMSA) to administer the EAP program.  HMSA will confidentially help employees deal with a wide range of personal problems such as marital, family, alcoholism, drug abuse, financial and psychological.

    The EAP is confidential and is designed to help ensure the well- being of all employees who utilize the program.  We urge you or any member of your immediate family (spouse, children and sponsored dependents) to take advantage of the Employee Assistance Program.

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