Chateaux School - Ms. Karnia

by Chateaux Year Published: 2019

Ms. Karnia arrives before most to prepare the day for her students.  She greets each of Chateaux’s students as they disembark the school bus and enter for breakfast each day.  She is a member of the Chateaux PBIS team, the School Leadership Team (SLT), a Teacher Union Representative, our NCLB Committee representative as well as Cheerleading Coach.  Ms. Karnia always finds the time to attend after-school functions and PTO meetings.  To current and former students, she always cares for, nurtures and shows concern for her students.  She never gives up and always looks for a way to help a student in need.  Ms. Karnia is known for having lunch with former students who need extra support and always follows up on the successes of her former students.  Ms. Karnia is a valuable asset to Chateaux. The support she gives, her positive energy, her warm nurturing, spirit, and an excellent work ethic is a shining example of what ALL Chateaux staff are!