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                                                                                                           Student and Parent

    Fieldcrest Elementary School

    Parent Teacher Organization
    PTO  Meeting:   September 17th, 6:30 p.m.


    Hello out there in Fieldcrest Land!
    What is the mission of the FIELDCREST  PTO?

    Article 2 – Objects. Section 1 and Section 2 states the following:


    The purpose of the Fieldcrest PTO is to assist in serving the total school community toward the betterment of the educational process within and relative to the school and to serve as a liason for better school/community relations.


    We, the Fieldcrest PTO, want to provide our school with the financial resource to improve the quality of the learning environment of our students. This may include, but is not limited to helping to pay for field trips, assisting the different student groups with the necessary tools to create an environment conducive to learning. It is our goal to raise upwards of $5,000 via fundraisers mentioned below.



                At the start of the 2013-2014 school year we have chosen to do less out of pocket fundraising as well as create partnerships with other student clubs/groups in our school, creating a sense of unity. We plan to lead by example and show that when we all work together we can accomplish great things. We have a firm commitment to reaching this year’s long term goals and through our partnerships feel they are realistic. The PTO intends to incorporate itself according to the rules and laws suggested in the PTO Today information source, which will then allow us to participate in donation programs only open to 501c3 charities, such as, Food For Less Community Rewards, Scrip Discount Gift Cards and many grants offered through the PTO Today and school supportive companies.


                The Fieldcrest PTO, PTO officers, PTO Executive Board as well as any affiliates recognize all policies and regulations governed by Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144 and intend to adhere to all policies and regulations set forth and hold them in the highest regard.


                The Fieldcrest PTO will comply with district expectations including but not limited to providing proof of liability insurance, provide monthly bank statements, submit for approval fundraiser possibilities as well as possible student activities and submit for approval spirit wear designs.


                The Fieldcrest PTO agrees to maintain and protect the finances of this organization to better serve the best interest of all students and staff of the Fieldcrest Elementary School. The Fieldcrest PTO recognizes the district stance on funds given directly to the Fieldcrest Elementary School being up to district discretion of use. To avoid any future conflicts of interest with district policies, the Fieldcrest PTO does not intend to make any cash donation nor any other valuable consideration that may be construed as such directly to the Fieldcrest Elementary School, instead choosing to focus efforts,  energies, and funds on the needs of the students and staff to promote educational and social growth.


                The Fieldcrest PTO maintains their position that they are a community of parents and teachers guided only by the position of bettering our school and as such remain a separate entity of the school district thereby releasing them from any responsibility of the organization, members of the organization and business of the organization. The Board of Education's legal and moral obligation to comply with Title IX of providing equal athletic opportunity for members of both genders will supersede the Fieldcrest PTO recommendations.

    It is our goal to work with the district-wide PTO established by Dr. Patterson and take goals of the Fieldcrest PTO to another level of excellence.  We hope you will join us in striving to reach our goals.  We look forward to seeing everyone at our first PTO meeting on September 17th at 6:30 p.m. 
    Thanks to everyone for your support!
    Your governing PTO Officers
    Mrs. Hadia Alamleh, President 
    Ms. Martha Turkington, Vice President
    Mrs. Tanya Sandoval, Secretary
    Mrs. Maria Banks, Treasurer

                                AN  HOUR  
                                       OF  YOUR TIME, 
                   MAKE  THE  DIFFERENCE!