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Dr. Robyn Harwell

Hello All!

My Name is Dr. Robyn Harwell, and I would like to welcome you to my page. I have been the District Health Coordinator and the Certified School Nurse for Mae Jemison School for 13 years. I have a very diverse medical background which encompasses;  Pediatrics, Hematology, Medical-Surgical, GI, Oncology, and Psychiatry.  I love working with children and families. My passion is Community Health/Public Health. I received my Doctoral degree in this field in 2014. I have always been interested in how communities and subsets function during illness and health. I hope to someday have a school based clinic, right here in district 144.🏥

One of my hobbies is decorating. If you have ever dropped in to pick up your child at Mae Jemison, you would probably see one of my displays. The change in seasons inspires me to create. I want to showcase displays that highlight the warmth and love of the Mae Jemison community. There is nothing more wonderful than to see the face of child in awe of all the toys and trinkets that make up a Mae J Christmas display. 🎄

We are living in an interesting and challenging time. The uncertainty and chaos can be calmed by remembering that:

        * We are all human beings, perfect and imperfect just as a higher power has designed🌻

        * We all have dreams, goals, hopes and aspirations🌈

        * We may not look, act, or sound the same but our beings are connected in ways we can't imagine 🗽

        * Every act of love will trigger another act of love.... so act accordingly❤️

Thank you for visiting my page. Many blessings to you and your families....stay SAFE!