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    District's Vision
    Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144 is committed to producing lifelong learners that are college bound, career ready and are able to compete in a global society.
    District's Mission

    The mission of Prairie-Hills Elementary School District 144 is to ensure that we provide an enriching, rigorous and holistic learning experience promoting 21st Century lifelong learners: while maintaining high expectations for all students, staff, parents and community members.

    Enrollment:  199      
    Parent Participation: 98% of our parents / guardians are involved in their child’s education
    Class Size: The average size at Nob Hill is 20 students
    Nob Hill's Crisis Plan - Available upon request. 

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Principal's Corner

  • 2018-2019 Nob Hill's Best

     Greetings Nob Hill Family!

     I am extremely honored to introduce myself as Nob Hill's building Principal for the 2017-2018 school year.  My staff and I would like to welcome you with our school's theme for the year, "I Am Nob Hill's Best!" As I commit to being the BEST administrator and my staff commits to being the BEST instructors for our student's; we also ask you to commit to being the BEST parent / guardian for your child(ren).  As a former Assistant Principal at Prairie Hill's Junior High, I am aware of the challenges our students face when transitioning into middle school. One of my goals is to ensure that our Nob Hill students have a seamless transition into junior high school.

    I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about my expectations for this upcoming school year.  I am challenging all staff and parents, including myself, to rigorously push our students to meet and fulfill their highest potential.  As a community, we must commit to being the BEST!  My expectations are for the students at Nob Hill Elementary school, to put forth their highest potential of effort.  I know that with high expectations for myself, my staff and my students, we will accomplish academic and social excellence.  With that being stated, parents/guardians, I need your support.  I need you to work with your children academically, I need you to encourage them daily, bring them to school on time and be their biggest advocates.  As a community, we can all better prepare our students to become lifelong learners that are college bound, career ready, and able to compete in a global society.  I look forward to welcoming all students, parents, faculty and staff to a productive school year beginning the first day of school Wednesday, August 23, 2017.       

      In closing, I am committed to providing the BEST Leadership for Nob Hill's students.  I believe you have entrusted me with your BEST, and I look forward to our partnership in ensuring that EVERY child reaches their highest potential to excel!   

    Go TIGERS!                               


    Educationally Yours,

    Ms. Montgomery, Principal

    Nob Hill Elementary School

    (708) 335-9770 Ext. 2701