• Dear Parents and Guardians!
         WELCOME TO OUR SCHOOL YEAR 2019-2020! (can you believe we are actually saying 2020?)
         We are loooking forward to an outstanding year developing your child's skills that he/she will need to meet his/her goals. As you know, we are a "half-day program" so the children will not recieve lunch, only breakfast and snack. We will have an open classroom environment which allows you to visit us and see for yourself how things are going. Please feel free to contact the office when you plan to visit.
         Here are some important concepts:
            1.  Be the child's 1st and most important care-giver and teacher;
            2.  Become involved in the learning process of your child;
            3.  Work together with teachers in the education process;
            4.  Check your child's book-bag DAILY for important information, special events, upcoming activities, field trips or areas of interest information;
            5.  Return papers to the teachers that need signatures, as soon as possible - PARENT-TEACHER CONTACT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!;
            6.  Complete "at-home" activities WITH your child.
            1.  Help your child in meeting his/her educational goals;
            2.  Make school a fun and loving place where children enjoy attending;
            3.  Involve the parent in the educational process;
            4.  Keep the parent informed of their child's progress;
            5.  Keep parents informed of any special events, activities, field trips or thematic units - PARENT-TEACHER CONTACT IS VERY IMPORTANT;
            6.  Send home "at-home" activities and notices.
         We are all very excited to get the year started. By working together we will be sure your child gets off to a great start, and has a successful school experience.
    Please contact us any time.
    Ms. Kitty Nemec
    Ms. Dora Price
    Early Childhood Educators
    Nob Hill School
    708-335-9770 #2703
    .Wecome to our Class!