Ms. Gruoner's Music Expectations

  • The Music behavior plan supports Nob Hill's PBIS Behavior Matrix:

    1. Be Responsible - Remain in seat and treat books & instruments with care.

    2. Be Respectful - Keep voices quiet,  participate and follow directions.

    3. Be Safe - Be aware of others, stay in seat and keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.


    The Music Expectation Plan supports the Library and Gym Matrix:

    • Be safe
    • Respect the Quiet Zone
    • Participate & Follow Directions
    • Complete Assignments
    • Use Technology appropriately
    • Keep hands, feet & objects to yourself
    • Share your talents & put forth effort


    Music Classroom Rules:

    1.  M  -  Make good choices

    2.  U  -  Use Kind words

    3.  S  -  Show respect  (to self, classmates, teachers, and the music)

    4.  I   -  Involve yourself, share your talents 

    5.  C -  Care for our room, books and instruments


    Consequences for Negative Behavior:

    1. Student receives verbal warning from teacher.

    2. If behavior continues, student will receive a lunch detention.

    3. Parent will be contacted.

    4. Parent will receive an office referral.


    Students always start fresh without any warnings at the beginning of each music class.