Here's a little something about me:
             My name is Mrs. Nina Haskin-Goshay. I am  proud to say that I am a product of Prairie Hills School District 144!  I lived in the Highlands neighborhood for 21 years.  I attended this very school between the grades of third through sixth.  I can honestly say I am back at home!  It's fulfilling to know that I am giving and pouring back into the students what my teachers once poured into me!  I attended Howard University, where I received my Bachelors in Human Development and my Masters in Early Childhood Education.   I have been teaching in the Prairie Hills District 144 since 2006.  I've taught kindergarten, first, and second grade.  I believe that with the experience in all grade levels, I understand what knowledge the students come into the classroom with and what is expected of them to be successful in the next grade.  
             I also have a passion for the fine arts. I studied music theory and piano for 11 years, and in my spare time I have done stage plays, background singing, and musical outreach programs.   So with that experience, I believe it is very important to incorporate music and movement in our learning environment.  
    I know there have been so many changes but I still expect to have an awesome year!