Chorus Music links

Posted by Megan Melone on 9/29/2017 8:00:00 AM


Chorus rehearsals begin Thursday October 4, 2018 (dismissal at 4:30 via Pod D-Northwest Doors, please familiarize yourself with the attendance and pick up policy sent home with the students on the permission slip).  I am so excited to get started!!!


All students have been given their rehearsal packet and the expectation is that they will be familiar with the music at our first rehearsal.  To make that easier, I have made the music available in a couple of ways.  There is a sign up for a CD outside of my classroom.  Interested students have the option to receive a CD to practice at home.  I am also including links to the music below (forthcoming) :) I hope that this helps the students to learn the music, practice the rhythms, lyrics, and eventually the choreography.  


I am THRILLED about this year!  Let's make some amazing music together.  

Rehearsal links below :



The Star






Musically yours, Miss Melone