Graduation Parade (vehicles) (Click to view route)

8th Grade Graduation

Staff Parade

May 21, 2020 at 5:30 pm


Start at Prairie Hills Jr High-16315 Richmond


  1. Turn right onto W 163rd St
  2. Turn right onto Oxford Dr
  3. S Oxford Dr toward California Ave
  4. Turn left onto California Ave onto W 167th St
  5. W 167th St to Kedzie Ave
  6. S Kedzie Ave and Turn left onto Woodworth Pl
  7. Woodworth PL and Turn right onto California Ave
  8. S California to 175th
  9. Head west on 175th St toward 175th St
  10. Turn left onto Stonebridge Dr
  11. Turn left onto Kedzie Ave
  12. Turn right onto Fountainbleau Dr
  13. Continue onto Fountainbleau Dr
  14. Turn right onto 183rd St
  15. Turn right onto Lawndale Ave
  16. Continue onto Country Club Ln
  17. Right Head east on 175th St toward 175th St
  18. Turn left onto Apple Tree Dr
  19. Turn left onto 171st Pl
  20. Turn right onto Crawford Ave/Pulaski Rd
  21. Turn right onto 168th St
  22. Turn left onto Butterfield Dr
  23. Turn right onto W 167th St
  24. Turn left onto Turner Ave
  25. Turn right to stay on Turner Ave
  26. Left on 163rd
  27. 163rd to Central Pk
  28. Right on N Central Pk to Arthur Tourist
  29. Left Arthur T to Hamlin Ave
  30. Right on Hamlin Av to Black stone
  31. Left on Black Stone to Pulaski
  32. Right on Pulaski to Field Crest Dr
  33. Left on Field Crest Dr. to Barry Ln
  34. Right on Barry Ln to Laura Ln
  35. Right on Laura Ln To Wagman
  36. Left on Wagman to Craig Dr.
  37. Left on Craig Dr back to Field crest Dr
  38. Left on Field Crest Dr. to Pulaski
  39. Left on Pulaski to 159th
  40. 159th To Central Park
  41. Central Park to 163rd
  42. Left on 163rd to Kedzie Park Way
  43. Left on Kedzie Park Way to Sussex
  44. Right on Sussex to Richmond.


End at Prairie Hills Jr High-16315 Richmond