Nob Hill School - Ms. Rowan

by Nob Hill Year Published: 2020

Ms. Rowan may be a second year teacher to our Primary Team, but she is a true natural!  Ms. Rowan is our only First grade teacher, and the EFFORT she puts into her pedagogy and building relationships with her colleagues and students, compares to none.  Ms. Rowan has high expectations for herself as well as her students.  On any given day, you can find Ms. Rowan discovering new apps, best practices, sample questions and activities to incorporate within her classroom.  The BEST part is Ms. Rowan believes in TEAM work!  She shares new practices and useful information with her colleagues.  Ms. Rowan ensures that every student is engaged and learning with movement, songs and classroom discussions.  Many of our parents appreciate the photos, projects and “positive happenings” that she shares on DOJO.  Ms. Rowan has contributed to our evening events and continues to wear a sunshine smile daily.  Say cheese Ms. Rowan, we at Nob Hill appreciate you being here!  You are one of Nob Hill’s BEST!