Prairie-Hills Jr. High School - Ms. Stewart-Harris

by PHJH Year Published: 2019

Mrs. Tanisha Stewart-Harris, one of PHJH’s School Counselors. Ms. Harris joined the district in 2006 as a teacher at the Junior High. Junior. Ms. Harris is very passionate about being a professional helper and assisting those students with home and school concerns. She enjoys engaging the students in hands-on activities centered around topics like self-respect, citizenship and bullying. Ms. Harris is also a team player who share ideas and offer solutions when needed. She is very supportive and task-oriented. Outside of her work, Ms. Harris enjoys hanging out with her family and close friends. She loves to watch movies, listen to her favorite music, going to concerts, shopping and reading.  Her most important roles are being a wife and mother. Speaking of being a mother, she’s a serious basketball mom. Congrats to Ms. Tanisha Stewart-Harris, PHJH’s Teacher of the Month!