Nob Hill School - Ms. Steffl

by Nob Hill Year Published: 2019

What a beautiful smile for such a beautiful woman.  Ms. Steffl is in her 2nd year as a third grade teacher.  Ms. Steffl is a very honest and compassionate teacher.  On any given day you can walk by her classroom and see students either working on a google doc, learning with kinesthetic movements and songs, and/or working in small groups on a project.  Ms. Steffl is team player; she is one of our after school teachers, she supports our homework help program as a sub, and she joined our reading, math and technology night committees.  Ms. Steffl also volunteered to work with our third grade students on their technology board meeting projects.  Because Ms. Steffl wants to improve academic excellence for all of our students, she continues to attend team meetings and share resources and websites that will benefit any teacher with engaging lessons.  Look out world… Ms. Steffl is young, educated and has a SMILE worth a million dollars.  Keep Rising to the TOP Ms. Steffl!  You are one of Nob Hill’s BEST!