Chateaux School - Ms. Shaffer

by Chateaux Year Published: 2019

Ms. Shaffer is a second-year teacher here at Chateaux.  She came to us directly out of college and has never looked back.  On any given day, you will find Ms. Shaffer here before most teachers and she will be here well into the evening after everyone has gone.  The word is out that Ms. Shaffer is the teacher to have!  Not only does she teach with the care and kindness that our students need, she is innovative and is always looking “outside the box” to challenge and motivate her students.  During this last summer, she was awarded a Donors Choose project, where she was able to obtain ergonomic chairs for her entire class.  Students receive their chairs and get to use them as long as they are working hard, turning in homework and maintaining high Chateaux Colt behavior standards, if not, they have to trade it in for a regular chair but they are always able to earn it back!  Because of her original and creative spirit, students are now excited about 5th grade and can’t wait to be a student in her class.  Ms. Shaffer is one of our After School Teachers, volunteers on several Family Night committees, and she is currently the coach for our Girls Volleyball team.  She is a shining example of how a teacher should take a vested interest in the kids and community she teaches in and how to actively be engaged from her first day teaching with her students, staff members and district. Kudos to you Ms. Shaffer, we are so proud that you are a part of the Chateaux and PHESD144 family!