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District Technology Fair 2019 Winners

Prairie-Hills School District 144 18th Annual District Technology Fair Winners

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Winners
1st Place
Our History: Past, Present, and Future
Nob Hill School
Teachers: Ms. Griffin & Ms. Koch
Students: Jason Wise, Natalia Hugan, Kamren Barney, Morgan White
2nd Place
Markham Park School
Teachers: Ms. Bratlien & Ms. Billups
Students: JaKori Turner, Eric Ries, Isabelle Morrow, Ava Brown, Kendra Williams
3rd Place
Book Creator
Mae Jemison School
Teacher: Ms. Spriet
Students: Kenzi Neeley, Cortlyn Carter, Daveon Cox
2nd and 3rd Grade Winners
1st Place
Blogging to Document the STEM Design Process
Fieldcrest School
Teacher: Ms. Hardy
Students:Jaleel Riley, Sarah Keeling, Salvatore Ricchio, Nathan Case
2nd Place
iMovie Trailers in the Classroom
Markham Park School
Teachers: Mr. Goodwin & Mr. Williams
Students: Savanna Wells, Adamaris Arambula, Tramel Stevens, Malachi Walker, Nethaniel King
3rd Place
Story Jumper
Chateaux School
Teacher: Mr. Curtis
Students: Kyla Herbin, Mahki Rainey, Cody Barnes, Jaiden James, Zion Downs
4th and 5th Grade Winners
1st Place
Prosthetic Powers
Mae jemison School
Teacher: Ms. Jennings
Students: Michael Rupert, Nicholas Watson
2nd Place
AR with CoSpaces
Fieldcrest School
Teacher: Ms. Lewis-Fanning
Students: Mohammed Alamleh, Hannah Medrano, Jacob Boeschel, Joseph Sanchez
3rd Place
Green Screen Projects
Markham Park School
Teachers: Ms. Cieplucha & Ms. Dearman
Students: Tristen Barney, Aubrey Castile, Fabian Peralta, Aamiyah Shareef, Joseph Malone
6th - 8th Grade Winners
1st Place
Bansai - Financial Literacy
Prairie-Hills Jr. High School
Teachers: Ms. HB-Chipley & Ms. Warner
Students: Jailyn calvin, Guadalupe Perez, Natalia Perez, Alexis Dickens, Darren Stevens
2nd Place
Prairie-Hills Jr. High School
Teachers: Ms. Randel-EL & Ms. Beck
Students: Zachariah McReynolds, Raina Davis, Theodore Holloway, Kahli Griffin, Zoe Klette
3rd Place
Prairie-Hills Jr. High School
Teacher: Ms. Gallagher
Students: JaKari Gray, Aaron Trotter, Cierra Pryor