• September 2018-2019
    Greetings 8th ELA Students and Parents, 
    I would like to welcome all of my students to my 8th Grade ELA program. I am Mrs. Page and will be instructing these students in English ( reading and language). I look forward to each year a with passion and excitement, as I have prepared to challenge these students to higher levels of thought, inquiry, questioning, debating and a newfound appreciation of great writing skills and excellent literature!  
    In my class, classroom management is very important and addressed by encouraging the creative use of thought provoking young adult literature, pursuing passionate studies, participating in lively debates and ALWAYS considering the "what if", while  remembering the premise, that if students are properly challenged and highly motivated in subjects that match or exceed their level 
    and interest, the result is for sure, an atmosphere of learning, growth and wonder!
    The teaching methods I will use to accomplish the goals and objectives of my classes include lectures, small and large group reading circles, note-taking, research, debates, summaries, oral presentations, written assignments, and technology! Research assignments require the student to paraphrase the acquired information into their own words. Blatantly printing and presenting someone else's work is unacceptable,   resulting in the student retaining none or little of the information, which leads to an , besides it is a crime !!
    Reading and the study of literature is basic to a school program, the appropriate level of literature is especially important for the gifted student. Reading and Language activities for these students includes a wide exposure to various genres of literature, critical thinking, enriched vocabulary, challenging novels, complex plots, appreciation of past eras, imaginative thinking, exploration of values, and controversial issues with an emphasis on high level thinking skills. An important element of this program is affording the students the opportunity for self-directed reading and independent study.
    The students will of course explore the "Classics",why, because these works speak to universal themes, that are always at the forefront of life, and have stood the test of time by remaining in print and demand since their inception. These works engage the readers deepest emotions as they ease into the reader's life!
    The students will begin the year with the theme Monsters in Literature, by first reading Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN!!!, they will also research the zeitgeist of this novel, known as the ROMANTIC ERA!
    Well, were off to a great start, on a journey that promises to be an awesome and enriching year!
    Thank You,
    Mrs. B. Page
    ELA 8th grade
    Team Leader