• Hi, my name is Mr. Malone.  I am currently the school psychologist for Nob Hill, Markham Park, Highlands, Fieldcrest Schools, and the Primary Learning Center (all within Prairie Hills School District 144.  I am happy to be here and would love to help with any questions you may have.  You can contact me through email at; mmalone@phsd144.net or mmalone@phesd144.com.  Previous to becomming a school psychologist I was a teacher for 18 years.  I have been involved in education for over 20 years!  I currently hold 1 teaching degree (M.A.) and 3 psychology degrees (B.S., M.A., and Ed.S.)  Please let me know if you need assistance in any way.  I will do my best to help or lead you to who can.

  • What does a school psychologist do?

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    A school psychologist is a mental health professional who is specializes in working in schools.  We generally are responsible for a many areas in the school.  We have the ability to run IEP meetings, complete psychoeducational reports, complete a wide variety of assessments, staff consultation, and  student therapy/counselling. 

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