Meet Ms. Johnson 

    The Best 4th Grade Room #4 

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year team! I am Ms. Johnson and I will be your scholar’s 4th grade teacher. I have been teaching for over a decade and I am life-long learner. I was born and raised in Chicago where I graduated from Saint Xavier University. recently earned my Master’s of Science in Curriculum and Instruction. We will have an awesome time in our class with your support. Please send me your phone number or email to keep in touch and so that I can add your mobile number to our Class Dojo. Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions. 

    My Contact Information 


    708-335-9770 Ext. 2714 

    Our Classroom Expectations 

    • Students will arrive on time every day in uniform. 
    • Students will come prepared to learn with a positive attitude. 
    • Students will be respectful, responsible, and safe. 
    • Students will complete homework and classwork on time. 


    Classroom Management System 

    Green = I have made excellent decisions and choices and have earned 3 Dojo points! 

    Yellow My teacher gave me 1 verbal warning. I need to reflect, improve my behavior, make better choices, and I did not receive any Dojo points today. 

    Blue = I have been inconsistent, off task, my teacher has given me a written warning, and Dojo points was deducted. 

    Red = I have made poor decisions that have negatively affected my classroom and my learning process. 2 Dojo points were deducted from my pointsthe parent/principal has been notified, and received lunch detention due to my irresponsibility to reflect and change my behaviors after multiples chances.