• Welcome Letter Ms. Smith


    Dear Parents,

              A new school year is upon us and I’m happy to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year.  In this letter I would like to welcome you and your child to the CCI Classroom at Nob Hill Elementary School.  This letter will include a little about myself, my classroom, and my goals and expectations for the upcoming year. 

                  My name is Ms. Smith.  This is my third year teaching at Nob Hill School. When I am not in the classroom I enjoy spending time with my family at museums and outdoors.

                 As a teacher, I believe that all children can and want to learn.  My main goal is to help your child learn to become an independent and lifelong learner.  In order to reach this goal, I will look at each child as an individual learner, planning very carefully so that your child can feel challenged without unnecessary frustration.  Another goal I have is to teach children that their best efforts are essential when completing a task. I want your child to develop and maintain an “I can and will try” attitude.  I feel this attitude enables success.

                  You can feel confident that your child will be safe and surrounded by a loving and nurturing environment. My door is always open and I would hope that if you have any concerns or questions, that you would feel free to discuss them with me.  I look forward to a successful year.  Please contact me anytime at:



    message me on ClassDojo



    Ms. Smith