• All award incentives were contributed by Dr. Kimako Patterson, Superintendent and Ms. Julia Veazey, Assistant Superintendent


  • Chateaux School - Ms. Laws

    by Chateaux Year Published: 2021

    Ms. Laws makes her job here at Chateaux with us look easy!  The main goal of any student is to learn how to read.  Ms. Laws does all she can to ensure that this is what our students can do.  She works with students in small groups, encourages students to participate in the book mobile, progress monitors them as well as develops curriculum that is engaging and fun.  Ms. Laws wants to make sure that all of Chateaux’s students are reaching up to their potential!  She also assists in many other areas, lunchroom duty in the morning and afternoon, conducting temperature checks and making sure students have their masks when entering the building as well as every evening, travelling from class to class, gathering students who ride our school buses so that no one will be left behind.  She also coordinates our Family Read Night every fall and can be found at various other events volunteering.  Reading is fundamental and Ms. Laws strives to make sure that every student at Chateaux has this fundamental skill.  Kudos to all you do, Ms. Laws……Thank you!

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  • Fieldcrest School - Ms. Lewis

    by Fieldcrest Year Published: 2021

    This is Ms. Lewis’ 15th year of teaching, all of which have been done at Fieldcrest School! Since she’s been here, she has had the pleasure of teaching 4th, 5th and 6th grades.   She currently teaches one of the two 5th grade classes.  Although one of her favorite pastimes is reading, she feels that Math is one of the most rewarding subjects to teach.  She loves to see her students grow stronger and more confident in their math skills throughout the year.  She really does her best to prepare them for the challenges of Jr. High.

    When Ms. Lewis is not working with her students at school, you can find her spending time with her family.  She is kept busy at home taking care of her three boys, Liam (7), Rowan (5), and Wyatt (3).  She and her husband love to travel with the family as much as possible, even if it is just a quick weekend getaway to a nearby destination!  

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  • Highlands School - Ms. Mitchell

    by Highlands Year Published: 2021

    Ms. Mitchell is a veteran teacher with a drive to see students achieve!  As our amazing Literacy Coach at Highlands Elementary School, she supports our Principal’s Reading Club and Book Mobile.  Ms. Mitchell has been in the district for many years, and her dedication to our children, the staff and our community are evident and truly appreciated.  Ms. Mitchell is a team player; she pushes into classrooms to provide support, and she pulls students out for small group instruction.  Ms. Mitchell is a mentor for teachers, and supports the principal with suggestions and best practices.  Ms. Mitchell is our school’s DLT representative, and she is also a team leader for our auxiliary staff and Special’s Teachers.  As one of the school’s union representatives, Ms. Mitchell goes out of her way to ensure communication is conveyed between staff and administration.  Ms. Mitchell also supports our S.Y.K.E.S. program as the coordinator for S.Y.K.E.S. at Highlands.  As you can see, Ms. Ms. Mitchell is a key teacher to our learning community, and keeps high expectations going daily.  Go…. Ms. Mitchell! We appreciate you and congratulate you!


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  • Mae Jemison School - Dr. Harwell

    by Mae Jemison Year Published: 2021

    Dr. Harwell is the nurse at Mae Jemison School. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that staff and students have been tested at Mae Jemison. She has worked come in early, stayed late, and worked weekends as we strive to keep the staff and students safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her dedication and passion are an asset not only to our school, but to the entire district. Dr. Harwell helps to make Mae Jemison a wonderful place to be!

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  • Markham Park School - Ms. Beamon

    by Markham Park Year Published: 2021

    This month Teacher of the Month is Ms. Kimberly Beamon. She is our 5th grade Teacher and also a team leader in the building. Ms. Beamon is very flexible, considerate, creative and always willing to help. Our staff members and teachers are always talking about how positive her attitude is. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication Ms. Beamon. 

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  • Nob Hill School - Ms. Turkington

    by Nob Hill Year Published: 2021

    Ms. Turkington has been with the District 12 years, and this is her 4th year at Nob Hill School. She loves being creative! This can include cooking various cuisines at home, exploring different restaurants around Chicago,  decorating bulletin boards, and organizing events/parties. She loves watching reality television with my two cats and traveling with her husband.  

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  • Prairie-Hills Jr. High School - Ms. Jennings

    by PHJH Year Published: 2021

    Mrs. Jennings is a veteran member of PHSD144. She is 26 years into this profession, and she loves what she does. Each day Mrs. Jennings works with her colleagues with the expectation that it will be an incredibly meaningful experience and she has a true passion for working with our young learners and watching them develop their minds in the classroom, extracurricular activities, and physical talents in sports.

    Currently, Mrs. Jennings works as the 8th Grade Disciplinary Dean. She is a mentor to new staff, a member of the Leadership Team, and our PBIS Coordinator.

    Mrs. Jennings has been married for 28 years and have three daughters, all which who have attended Mae Jemison Elementary School and graduates of Prairie Hills Junior High School.

    When she is not working, you will find her spending time with family and friends. She is known as Ya-Ya by her two wonderful grandsons, Samuel and Aydon.

    Mrs. Jennings enjoys fitness activities such as cycling and running in various races. She looks forward to volunteering to support and contribute to causes that add value to other’s lives and the community.

    Way to go Mrs. Jennings on being Teacher of the Month!

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