• All award incentives were contributed by Ms. Michelle Hardmon, PLC Executive Director, Mr. Abraham Mobley, PHJH Assistant Principal, Mr. Timothy Hurd, Mae Jemison Assistant Principal


  • Chateaux School - Ms. Logsdon

    by Chateaux Year Published: 2021

    Mrs. Logsdon has been a wonderful addition to the Chateaux School faculty. Although this is her first year at Chateaux, she is no stranger to early childhood education. She came to us with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Mrs. Logsdon sets high, but not unreasonable standards for her students and then gives them the tools to succeed. She is very patient and tolerant. She understands that each child is different. Cookie cutters are tools for kitchen activities, not early childhood education. Mrs. Logsdon is perseverant and inventive. She will get the job done even if it means coming up with a new way to do it. An insightful educator, Mrs. Logsdon recognizes early on when a student is struggling in her class and she finds time and takes steps to give the student the extra help needed. She understands the importance of opening lines of communication with parents. Most importantly, she realizes that students like predictable routines and for the most part, their parents do too. Her dedication and call to service for Chateaux pre-kindergarten students is beyond measure. Thank you for all that you have done for us at Chateaux School and PHESD 144!

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  • Fieldcrest School - Ms. Nedbal

    by Fieldcrest Year Published: 2021

    Megan Nedbal is a kindergarten teacher right here at Fieldcrest! She is a first year teacher and a recent graduate from the amazing Northern Illinois University. (Go Huskies!) There, Megan received her bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and an approval in Special Education with an endorsement in English as a Second Language. She is 24 years old & she lives with her wonderful soon-to-be husband! Megan will be getting married next year and is so excited! Some of her favorite things to do is to sit on the couch and watch any kind of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ while sipping on her coffee. If she is not watching TV or movies, she is most likely eating her favorite food, which is tacos, or taking a nap in her bed. She loves spending time with family and friends & it is what she looks forward to the most on the weekends. Megan loves everything about kindergarten & she is truly a kid at heart! Megan says “Thank you so much for nominating me for Teacher of the Month! I feel so appreciated!”

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  • Highlands School - Ms. Sonichsen

    by Highlands Year Published: 2021

    Ms. Sonichsen is truly a Team Player!  Ms. Sonichsen is in her 2nd year of teaching Kindergarten at Highlands, and she’s doing an AWESOME JOB!  Ms. Sonichsen works daily to ensure our Kindergarten students are challenged with high expectations for learning.  Ms. Sonichsen is in love with teaching our children, especially our younger students.  Ms. Sonichsen is also one of our school’s representatives for our PTO connection between home and school.    Ms. Sonichsen arrives to work early and every week she communicates with parents through her Kindergarten newsletter! Thank you Ms. Sonichsen for all you DO!   We appreciate your commitment to our students and District! Congratulations Ms. Sonichsen, keep up the good work!     



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  • Mae Jemison School - Ms. Kristin

    by Mae Jemison Year Published: 2021

    Ms. Kristin, reading coach, works diligently to help all students succeed at Mae Jemison Elementary School. She supports her colleagues, and she is willing to assist whenever she is needed. Ms. Kristin is an integral member of our team, and her professionalism and rapport with staff, students, and parents help to make Mae Jemsion a wonderful place to be!

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  • Markham Park School - Ms. Amos

    by Markham Park Year Published: 2021

    This Month Teacher of the Month is Ms. LaJenora Amos. She is a first year Teacher at Markham Park and she teaches Fifth Grade. With this being her first year teaching she dedicates so much of her time to the school and students. She is very admirable and is not afraid to learn new things or to get advice from others. Ms. Amos first year here she stepped up and became the leader of the black history program and also does the after-school program. Kuddos to you Ms. Amos!!!

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  • Nob Hill School - Ms. Bateman

    by Nob Hill Year Published: 2021

    This is Ms. Bateman’s first year in PHSD144, and her second year working as a Speech-Language Pathologist!  Outside of work, she loves the outdoors, especially hiking and skiing. She’s a big music person and played violin in an orchestra for 13 years.  Before COVID happened, she was also a part of a Polish folk dance group- hoping to return soon!  The best part of being a Speech-Language Pathologist is the wide range of people she can work with (she’s worked with people age 2-105!).  She LOVES working with our young kiddos here at Nob Hill.  She could also see herself working in a hospital, in a clinic for adults, and/or doing bilingual therapy with my second language Polish.

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  • Prairie-Hills Jr. High School - Ms. Washington

    by PHJH Year Published: 2021

    Ms. Washington has been a member of the Prairie-Hills District 144 family for over 17 years. She has taught 4th through 6th grade and is currently a Dean at Prairie Hills Junior High. She loves teaching, encouraging, and learning from children. She feels blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with our future leaders. Ms. Washington enjoys working out, cooking, traveling, reading, and hanging out with friends and family.

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  • Primary Learning Center - Ms. Millay

    by PLC Year Published: 2021

    Ms. Millay has been in the district for 3 years and has worked as a teacher for 4 years. One of her favorite quotes is "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." This is why she does not stop pursing her goals on and off the field. When she is not working, she attends grad school (she is pursing her ESL endorsement), working at a local Girl Scout camp as the program director, working at a custom camp program for troops on the weekends, where she teaches archery, geo cashing, and other badge work activities. Lastly, she is an Advisor for Alpha Signma Alpha Chapter. Ms. Millay is a, "Team Player."

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