• Apps/Websites


    I-Ready Login Instructions 

    On I-Pad 

    Download Classlink Launchpad App (light blue with a cloud) 

    Search Prairie HIlls District 144 and click on the district

    Student Log- In 

    Click on I-Ready once signed in, it should automatically sign you in.  


    On Computer

    Go to Prairie Hills School District 144 Home Page 

    Click on Classlink at the top  

    Log in using student log in  

    Click on I-Ready once signed it, it should automatically sign you in.  


    Raz Kids Login 


    Download the Kids A-Z app  

    Type in teacher username : cspriet 

    Find your name 

    Password is the turtle  




    Follow directions above  



    Other Apps: 


    Epic - free 30 day trial (We use this in class) 

    StarFall (Starfall.com also) (We use this in class) 





    For this one, please make sure you are logging in under class use. Make sure to use the student log in and password. If you need this password again, please reach out.

    Bluestreak - students log in using their picture code. The school code is MJP