• All award incentives were contributed by 

    Ms. Carrie Ablin, Director of Student Services, Ms. Deborah Clayton, CSBO, Ms. Michelle Hardmon, PLC Executive Director, and Ms. Tiffany Rucker, Markham Park Principal


  • Chateaux School - Ms. Karnia

    by Chateaux Year Published: 2019

    Ms. Karnia arrives before most to prepare the day for her students.  She greets each of Chateaux’s students as they disembark the school bus and enter for breakfast each day.  She is a member of the Chateaux PBIS team, the School Leadership Team (SLT), a Teacher Union Representative, our NCLB Committee representative as well as Cheerleading Coach.  Ms. Karnia always finds the time to attend after-school functions and PTO meetings.  To current and former students, she always cares for, nurtures and shows concern for her students.  She never gives up and always looks for a way to help a student in need.  Ms. Karnia is known for having lunch with former students who need extra support and always follows up on the successes of her former students.  Ms. Karnia is a valuable asset to Chateaux. The support she gives, her positive energy, her warm nurturing, spirit, and an excellent work ethic is a shining example of what ALL Chateaux staff are!

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  • Fieldcrest School - Ms. Hardy

    by Fieldcrest Year Published: 2019

    Ms. Hardy is in her 6th year of teaching and she had the privilege of teaching 3rd grade at Fieldcrest for 5 years. She enjoys teaching because it gives her the opportunity to work with children, helping them to grown and learn. In addition to teaching Ms. Hardy enjoys basketball and spending time with her family. Her favorite color is blue, she loves Starbucks Frappuccino- Vanilla flavored, and Hersey’s with almonds. 

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  • Highlands School - Ms. Haskin

    by Highlands Year Published: 2019

    Ms. Goshay, 1st grade teacher, is always willing to expend extra time, effort, and energy to support and nurture the students at Highlands School. She is the sponsor for S.W.A.G.G., and she is also our cheerleading coach. She is the co-chair of the African-American History Month committee, and she is always willing to assist on our programs/activities. Ms. Goshay works cooperatively and collaboratively with her colleagues, and she is an asset to Highlands School. 

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  • Mae Jemison School - Ms. Furey

    by Mae Jemison Year Published: 2019

    The teacher of the month for December goes to Mrs. Furey! This is her fifteenth year of teaching in District 144. Mrs. Furey is the team leader for her grade, a mentor and runs the Student Council. She is hard working and will go above and beyond for her students. Her love for making a difference in the lives of children shows in all she does. Outside of her work, Mrs. Furey enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Mrs. Furey has established a wonderful rapport with staff, students, and parents, and she is an important part of making Mae Jemison a wonderful place to be!

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  • Markham Park School - Ms. McClora

    by Markham Park Year Published: 2019

    This Month Teacher Of The Month Goes To Ms. McClora !!!! She is Our School Social Worker and the voice of our building. McClora is not only our Social worker her passion of caring for our kids is extraordinary. She is the lead Social Worker in the district, after-school teacher, plans events in the building, and many other things. She has been in the district for 17 years and is doing an awesome job. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication!!!!

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  • Nob Hill School - Ms. Smith

    by Nob Hill Year Published: 2019

    If you encounter Ms. Smith, expect to be greeted with a smile, a hug, a flower and possibly one of nature’s various creatures.  Ms. Smith is our CCI teacher for grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade.  She will go out of her way to contact various museums and bring exhibits into the classroom for students to experience, with their various projects.  Ms. Smith has shown every staff member what true patience and concern for every child truly looks like.    Ms. Smith is always positive even when she is dealing with life’s challenges.  You will never hear her complain, because she is more than likely encouraging others.  Many times, Ms. Smith has volunteered to organize field trips on and off of school grounds.  During evening events such as reading night or our family dance, Ms. Smith will be front and center ready to help and assist wherever possible.  She is a family oriented woman with a loving heart.  Ms. Smith also organizes our Science Fair, and continues to assist with our after school STEM program.  Kudos to Ms. Smith… we thank you and recognize you as one of Nob Hill’s BEST!

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  • Prairie-Hills Jr. High School - Mr. Cook

    by PHJH Year Published: 2019

    We are thrilled to have Mr. Robert Cook as a member of the PHJH family! Mr. Robert Cook is a Physical Education Teacher here. Mr. Cook also coaches our girls’ basketball and baseball teams. Mr. Cook has been in the field of education since 1995. Mr. Cook has worked in both, elementary and high school settings. Mr. Cook enjoys spending time with his family and participating in his fraternity’s (Alpha Phi Alpha) activities. In the near future, Mr. Cook will be relocating to the Birmingham, Alabama area where he hope to become an administrator. He has been happily married to his wife of 29 years. Although they are proud of their three children, they are even prouder of their two adorable grandchildren! Thank you Mr. Cook for being awesome ….. Congratulations on being PHJH’s Teacher of the Month!

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  • Primary Learning Center - Dr. Harwell

    by PLC Year Published: 2019

    Dr. Harwell is the District Health Coordinator and the School Nurse for The Primary Learning Center and Mae Jemison School. She started in the District in 2007, fell in LOVE with School Nursing and has never looked back. She has worked in many aspects of Nursing over her 38 years including: Med Surg, Peds, Oncology, Geriatrics, Rehab, Detox, GI, Dermatology & Psychiatry. Her passion is Public Health/Community Health for which she earned her Doctoral Degree in 2015. She enjoys roller skating, long walks, singing and any type of construction. In fact, her own children have nick-named her “Bob the Builder”! She also loves interior design and creates several displays at MJ during the school year. Dr. Harwell would like to thank her co-workers for acknowledging her as Teacher of the Month and the PLC staff would like to thank her for being a PLC’s Superstar!

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