• Class Expectations 

    Mr. Branch 

    Room 7 


    1. Respect yourself, your Classmates and your Teachers. 


    1. Keep hands, feet, and materials to yourself. 


    1. Raise your hand when you want to speak. 


    1. Be safe at all times. 


    1. Respect the property of others. 




    Free Computer Coupons

    Lunch with the Teacher

    Tiger Bucks

    Treasure Chest Visit 

    Positive Phone Calls Home 



    Consequences when expectations are not followed 

    We will use a Green , Yellow, and Red star system to help students monitor their behaviors. 

    1ST Verbal Warning 

    2nd Move from green to yellow 

    3rd Move from yellow to Red 

    4th Loss of privilege (recess, lunch detention). 

    5th Phone call home 

    6th Principal’s office