• Welcome to Ms. Hunter's class!

    Classroom A101 is a multi-grade classroom designed to benefit students who excel when core content is made accessible to them through one-on-one instruction, small group instruction, and hands-on learning experiences. I (Ms. Hunter) and Ms. Powell (teacher's assistant) welcome you and your child to our classroom! Contact information and details regarding daily homework assignments are outlined below. 



    Weekly Homework

    The Weekly Homework Consists of a Daily Reading Requirement of Fifteen Minutes, As Well As Optional I-ready Reading and Math Practice. Students Will Also Be Assigned a Reading Passage with Comprehension Questions Every Tuesday and a Math Practice Page Every Thursday. All Homework Is Collected by Friday to Avoid a Late Penalty and Is Collected for a Completion Grade.  



    Contact Information 

    ClassDojo Messages (preffered)

    Classroom: 708-210-2860 (2401)

    Email: jhunter@phsd144.net or rpowell@phsd144.net