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    Ms. Harris
    6th Grade


    Keeping your math materials and ideas organized will help you to be successful in math


    class this year! You will need your Math BINDER EVERY DAY in class.




    Assignments:  Success in math is directly related to the amount of effort you put into the completion of the daily assignments.  Students are expected to participate daily with in class activities, projects and discussion. Working in class together and getting help from a peer is encouraged.  Direct copying, however, is considered cheating and a violation of our academic standards. Assignments will be posted on EDMODO and students will be expected to complete and post by the due dates.   


    Attendance and Make-Up Work:  You are expected to check EDMODO daily.  It is the student’s responsibility to make up all missed assignments. All handouts are located in the "absent work" basket. 


    Quizzes/TestThere will be a quiz every FRIDAY. There will be an Unit Test after each unit of study. Students will also have a "midterm" in Decemeber and a "Final" in May. 


    Passes: I will not give any passes to go to lockers to retrieve homework, writing utensils or paper. Students will have 4 bathroom passes per quarter.  



    Grading Scale:                                        


    100-92 A                                             


    91-83 B                                               


    82-74 C                                               


    73-65 D                                               

                           64 and below F                                       



    Students are expected to:


    1.     Come to class prepared and ready to do their best


    2.     Be respectful


    3.     Adhere to all rules of PHJH as set forth in the Student Handbook




    1.     Verbal warning


    2.    Teacher conference


    3.     Detention/Parent Contact

    4. Referral to Dean 



    In the event of serious incident, the student will be sent immediately to the Principal’s Office
     Any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.



    Ms. Harris 


    6th Grade