•             After a discussion of what a rule is and how we can be safe in the classroom; the students and I arrived at this statement:

    “I am responsible, respectful, and safe in school when I listen to all teachers, raise my hand, wait my turn, share/take turns, walk, help others, and always do my best.”

                Using that statement as a basis for expected behavior; the students were then introduced to the classroom color coded individual behavior chart. There are four colors on the chart that are explained in detail below:

    Green: The children will always start their day on green, which indicates that they are “responsible, respectful, safe, and ready to learn”.

    Yellow: A move to yellow is given as a warning when a student is seen to be making choices that do not live up to the expected classroom behavior.

    Orange: A student will be moved to orange if they continue to make the same inappropriate choices. At this time the student will also lose their privileges for the day such as their class job and recess time.

    Red: A student is moved to red if their behavior continues to warrant that move. Once on red, a phone call home will occur to discuss the child’s behavior.

    Pink: If a student is observed displaying EXPECTIONAL behavior throughout the day, they will have the opportunity to move their clip up to pink! If a student is ending their day on pink they will get to visit my treasure chest! 

    **At any point throughout the day if the child’s behavior improves, they will have the opportunity to move up one color on their way back to green.**