• Dear Parents and Guardians,

    My name is Michael Wehrle and I am your child’s Social Studies (SS) Teacher for the 2018 – 2019 school year. I want to extend to you and your child my warmest welcome into my classroom. This will be my first year working as social studies teacher, but my fourth year in District 144, but I also have four years of experience as a Middle School English teacher in other districts. I am very excited about working with your child this year!

    My philosophy for learning is that each child is unique, and each child learns in a different way. One of my jobs as a teacher is to help your child discover his or her individuality and work alongside with them to maximize it. I believe in hands-on experiences, learning creatively, and learning though play. It is my goal to create a community of learners who are committed to working hard and having fun. I want students to leave my classroom feeling confident that they can apply what they’ve learned in school to real-life situations. I want my students to feel challenged and to have an enhanced passion for learning.

    I plan to have a challenging curriculum that will be both engaging and exciting. We will be doing novel studies that will sync up with our established curriculum maps that have been put in place grade wide. I will have multiple activities daily and much will be expected from the children. I would also like to encourage parental participation. Share with your children a love of reading or talk about a news event, as I will be pulling many writing topics from the news.

    Collaboration, cooperation, and open communication between home and school are keys to building a strong foundation for a successful school year. Please feel free to contact me anytime. I can be reached through the main office at your child’s school (708-210-2860) or via e-mail (mwehrle@sd144.net). If you would like to talk in person, I am always available to schedule appointments before and after school.