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    For safety, remember your athletic shoes on the following days.
    Ms. Lee -  Monday
    Ms. Russell- Thursday

    Ms. Gilbertsen -   Tuesday and Thursday

    Ms. Lott - Wednesday and Friday


    First grade

    Ms. Ortega -   Wednesday and Thursday

    Mrs. Spain - Tuesday and Friday

     Mrs. Spriet -   Monday and Tuesday


    Second grade

    Ms. Joudeh -  Tuesday and Wednesday

     Mrs. Forrest - Monday and Thursday

    Mrs. Handley - Tuesday and Friday


    Third grade

             Mr. Cieslak - Wednesday and Thursday

     Ms. Plump - Monday and Wednesday

    Mrs. Wasyliw- Tuesday and Friday

                                                                               Fourth grade

    Ms. Chinske -  Tuesday and Friday

      Ms.  Moore- Wednesday and Thursday

    Mrs. Phillips - Monday and Wednesday


    Fifth grade

    Mrs. Furey - Tuesday and Friday

    Ms. Lacy - Wednesday and Thursday

    Ms. Miller- Monday and Thursday


    3rd-4th-5th grade

    Ms. Long - Tuesday and Friday