At Prairie Hills Junior High, we are very fortunate to have a state of the art STEM lab.   Together we will explore using the engineering design process with engaging and hands on challenges. I will do my best to make class fun, interesting, and educational.


    Eighth grade is an exciting and challenging year for your child.  This letter will cover some of what your child should expect out of my class and how to prepare, behave, and manage themselves for the coming year.



    Class Rules, Policies, Procedures

    Class Rules: Some general class rules and expectations I have for students in my class are:


    1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    2. Stay in your seat unless given permission to do otherwise.

    3. Raise your hand for permission to speak.

    4. Follow directions the first time given.

    5. Treat others the way you want to be treated.


    The Junior High is a PBIS school, which means that we utilize a system of rewards and consequences for student behavior.  In addition, District 144 has a zero tolerance policy for bullying and harassment.    Students that make the choice not to follow school and classroom rules or who violate the rights of others will receive a consequence that will range from a verbal warning to a written referral to the dean.


    Class Policies:

    1.       Grading Policy: 40% - Daily Assignments, 10% - Homework, 20% - Projects, 30% - Tests


    2.     Uniform Expectations:  As you are aware, our district has a uniform policy.  Please make sure that your child is in compliance with the policy, especially in regards to wearing uniform appropriate sweaters which should be solid white or navy blue.  No jackets or hoodies may be worn in school.


    Class Procedures:

    Procedures are the way we do things in STEM class. We have procedures so our class runs smoothly and safely.


    Start of Class Procedure:

    1. Come into the room quietly and be seated.

    2. If you are not in your seat at the bell and ready to begin working you will be counted tardy.

    3. Begin the bell work assignment immediately.

    4. Wait patiently for further instructions.

     During Class Procedures:

     1. Materials: Students will need a folder and notebook for STEM class.

     2. Labs: All safety rules and precautions will be followed while doing a lab. Failure to follow these rules will result in you being written up, and/or the loss of your lab privileges. Please be careful here! I can’t let you get hurt.

     3. Notes: You will be required to take notes over the material we are studying, and will need to keep it in the notes section of your journal. If you are absent, you will need to get them from a reliable classmate or Edmodo.

     4. Tutorials: Should you need additional help with any work I encourage you to come in during tutorials. I will be available Mondays and Tuesdays afterschool.  It will be your responsibility to show up.

      End of Class Procedures:

    1. Put all supplies, material, or equipment away if we are working with any.

    2. Clean up your area. This means all pieces of paper, trash, etc.

    3. Remain in your seat until I have dismissed you.

     Finishing Early Procedures:

    1. If you finish your work early, use the rest of the time wisely.

    2. Complete an inquiry assignment for extra credit.

    3. Read a book from the back of the room.

    4. Read your textbook.

    5. Don’t spend the time socializing with people around you; you will distract those who need time to finish their work.


    Phew… I’m glad all that’s over. It’s kind of long, so let me summarize the most important parts. Do the right thing. Try your best. Know that I love my students. My goal is to help you reach yours.


    I look forward to a great year and am excited to have the opportunity to work with you and your child.  I hope to see you at our Meet the Teacher Night, Wednesday, Sept 3rd @ 7 PM.  If you have questions or concerns, you may reach me at (708)210-2860, Ext.  2321 or e-mail me at sbirgans-wright@phsd144.net.



    Mrs. S. Birgans-Wright