• I am the Reading Coach at Chateaux Elementary. During my career as an educator, I have been fortunate  to have worked in a variety of roles supporting students and teachers.  By far, my most rewarding experience has been assisting students in becoming successful readers.  I am thrilled to be at Chateaux and love working with your children!
    I believe one of the most important jobs you can do is to help your child develop the necessary skills to become successful readers.  In fact, children's success in reading is often determined by the importance given to it by parents.  In order for children to enjoy reading and make it a significant part of their lives, they must be motivated to explore new books and stories.  One way children become motivated to read is when they are provided with opportunities to become involved in the reading process.  When children feel they are a part of the action or can relate the action to their own personal experiences, they will develop a very positive attitude toward their own reading development.  Read together as a family, take trips to the library and let your children see you reading. 
    We are a team here at Chateaux.  This team consists of you, your child and the teaching staff.  Together, let's work toward helping your child grow into healthy adolescents with a passion for the written word!