• Overview: This year, students will be introduced to an array of topics to enhance reading and writing skills. We will learn about argumentative texts and writing,narratives, informational texts and writing, and poetry. Each quarter, students will use and build on the skills they learned in the previous quarter. By the time the year ends, students will be able to identify the skills listed above as well as create their own works that they will feel proud of.


    Web Resources: Students will become familiar with several online websources such as Flipgrid, Flocabulary, and NoRedInk, just to name a few. Each of these sources will interactively promote reading, writing, and grammar skills. Students will work on these resources consistently throughout the year, and will have access to them via Google Classroom or the class website.


    Questions: For questions comments or concerns, I can best be reached via email(krogers@phesd144.com) and will try to respond within the next 24 hours